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Policy Exchange 2009: Policymaking for the Long Term, Canberra, 20-21 October 2009


Policy Exchange 2009, Per Capita’s annual policy conference, took place in Canberra on 20-21 October.

The two-day conference included 15 high-caliber and diverse presentations, as well as keynote speeches from Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, ACT Minister for Education, Andrew Barr, and Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin.

Each presentation provided unique and provoking insights into the conference’s main theme, “Valuing the Future: Policymaking for the Long Term”. These speeches, combined with the strength of the attendees’ comments inspired challenging ideas and debates about Australia’s public policies throughout the conference. Australia’s future policy challenges such as education, health, climate change, social investment and government financing, were explored from a combination of social, political, moral and economic perspectives.

The conference concluded with two policy workshops, led by PwC and L.E.K Consulting, on risk management in the policy cycle and managing climate change beyond the CPRS. These workshops gave attendees the opportunity to test out some of the policy ideas and approaches discussed throughout the conference.

The conference presentations will be available for viewing on SkyNews’ new Australian Public Affairs Channel (APAK).

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