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New Report: Who's Afraid of a Public School? Public perceptions of education in Australia
Verity Firth and Rebecca Huntley measure and explore the attitudes of Australians towards the relative merits of public versus private education. 

Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing
The Advisory Panel is working on producing a Blueprint for an Ageing Australia to ensure forward-thinking policy on this demographic shift. 

Enter the 2014 Per Capita Young Writers' Prize
Are you aged 25 years or under and have some great ideas you want to share? Then enter our Young Writers' Prize.
Extended Closing Date:
30 April 2014

Beware blunt response to age pension debate, The Drum Unleashed, 17 April 2014
We do need to make some difficult decisions as a result of our increasing life expectancies, but simply raising the retirement age on its own would be a blunt and regressive measure, writes Emily Millane. 

It's time to set an unemployment target, The Drum Unleashed, 16 April 2014
Australia should embrace a target for the unemployment rate and return to the policies that will see a sustainable move to, let's say, 4 per cent as a first step, writes Stephen Koukoulas. 

PM's trade trip, homeopathy, royal commission into unions
The Drum on ABCNews24, 9 April 2014

David Hetherington joins Sarah McDonald, Chris Berg and Chris Bevan to discuss the issues of the day. 

Consultations for the Ageing Blueprint
Have your say on the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia - send a written submission or attend one of the public consultations.
First consultation 8th April in Melbourne

Reform Agenda Series:
Who's Afraid of a Public School?
11 March 2014, Sydney

Check out the podcast of our forum to launch this report, and hear Verity and Rebecca discuss their findings in detail. 
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