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New Report: Per Capita Tax Survey 2014
Our annual report on Australians' attitudes to public spending and tax shows a mark turnaround, we're not so selfish afterall. 

New Report: Who's Afraid of a Public School? Public perceptions of education in Australia
Verity Firth and Rebecca Huntley measure and explore the attitudes of Australians towards the relative merits of public versus private education. 

Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing
The Advisory Panel is working on producing a Blueprint for an Ageing Australia to ensure forward-thinking policy on this demographic shift. 

Four killer facts that show why the carbon tax has not damaged Australia, The Guardian, 25 July 2014
When Australia had a carbon price, carbon emissions went down, and the economy went up writes Stephen Koukoulas. 

Carbon tax, unemployment and our relationship with China
The Drum ABC1, 10 July 2014

David Hetherington joins John Hewson, Lyndal Curtis and host Steve Cannane to discuss the day's news. 

Why the Abbott budget was the perfect political poison, The Guardian, 11 July 2014
The Abbott government has learned the hard way that a wide-ranging policy agenda of small ticket savings annoys almost everyone. Take note, Labor writes Stephen Koukoulas. 

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Reform Agenda Series:
Will Marshall: Jobs, Growth and Inequality, 30 July 2014

Please join us at our next Reform Agenda Series event, with Will Marshall, Founder and President of the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) in Washington DC. 
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