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New Report: Blueprint for an Ageing Australia
A first of its kind in Australia, the Blueprint frames ageing as a social and economic good, and recommends specific steps for a whole-of-society response to ageing. 

New Report: The Entitlement of Age
Emily Millane looks at how we can make our retirement income system fairer and more sustainable. 

New Report: Per Capita Tax Survey 2014
Our annual report on Australians' attitudes to public spending and tax shows a mark turnaround, we're not so selfish afterall. 

Australian Labor needs to set its house in order
The State of the Left, 16 September 2014

Labor needs to embrace internal reform to win back the trust of the Australian people before it can again claim to be fit for office, says David Hetherington. 

Australian private debt is the big issue, not government debt
The Guardian, 9 September 2014

Despite the rise in household borrowing, the Coalition invests all its political capital in decrying government debt, says Stephen Koukoulas. 

Equality and the entitlement of age
The Drum, 2 September 2014

To ensure that all Australians have a dignified longer life, our retirement income system needs to be reformed, says Emily Millane. 

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Young Writers' Prize - Award Event
9 October 2014

Come along and celebrate with our future progressive leaders and thinkers of the future as we award our next winner of the Per Capita Young Writers' Prize at the VibeWire Hub in Sydney. 
Reform Agenda Series:
The Good Fight book launch
21 August 2014, Melbourne

George Megalogenis and Wayne Swan launched Swan's new book, The Good Fight in Melbourne. 
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