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New Repert: A Nation All At Sea
Graeme Innes AM and Allison Orr take a look at Australia's policy response to asylum seekers. 

New Report: Blueprint for an Ageing Australia
A first of its kind in Australia, the Blueprint frames ageing as a social and economic good, and recommends specific steps for a whole-of-society response to ageing. 

New Report: The Entitlement of Age
Emily Millane looks at how we can make our retirement income system fairer and more sustainable. 

Class, not generation, is the real dividing line
The Drum, 18 December 2014

It is not generation, but policies that entrench class differences, that we should be addressing, says Emily Millane. 

The moral case on asylum seekers doesn't resonate. We must begin to talk about self-interest
The Guardian, 10 December 2014

Graeme Innes and Allison Orr call for new leadership on asylum seekers. 

Raise the GST? No thanks. Here's five better ways to fix Australia's finances
The Guardian, 1 November 2014

David offers 5 better options for raising revenue than increasing the GST. 

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Reform Agenda Series:
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18 December 2014, Sydney

This event has been postponed until the new year. 
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